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Parking Garage Restoration

Parking Deck Expansion Joint Replacement5

Protecting any concrete structure, such as parking garages, from the elements is vital to maintaining the structural integrity of your facility.

Providing protection to your structure, as well as repairing any deterioration that may occur, is one of the areas of restoration that MTS Contracting, Inc. is equipped to handle.

Whether your parking garage is large or small, multiple levels are only a few, MTS Contracting, Inc. will repair the structure to maintain its safe operation. Parking garages, like other buildings and structures, are susceptible to the elements. The rain and subsequent freeze/thaw cycles, along with the chlorides spread in the winter, can cause undesirable cracking and deterioration of surfaces in parking garages. Parking garages also bear the heavy loads of vehicles, day after day, on multiple levels, which can lead to movement and cracks.

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Parking Deck Expansion Joint Replacement12

Parking Deck Expansion Joint Replacement

January 17, 2023

Parking Restoration Double T Precast1

Parking Restoration Double T Precast

January 17, 2023

Parking Deck Restoration30

Large Parking Deck in Missouri

January 17, 2023

The list of repairs we perform on parking garages can include, but are not limited to, the following services.

Waterproofing membranes: There are various types of waterproofing membranes available. The two most common membranes are a polyurethane membrane or an epoxy system with aggregate that is broadcast into the epoxy. Typically, the polyurethane systems are fluid-applied systems consisting of multiple coats (for example: primer, base coat, intermediate coat, and topcoat). These types of systems provide a seamless membrane to help prevent moisture infiltration into the concrete, which is critical to structural integrity. The epoxy systems also provide protection to the structure and can be utilized in the proper applications.

Waterproofing membranes act as a barrier between the garage surface and the elements, protecting the surface from the continuous barrage of rain, snow, and ice parking garages receive all year long.

Joint sealants: Joint sealants are also a critical component in protecting the parking garage structure. Sealants are present both horizontally and vertically in most garages and maybe control joints, expansion joints, and perimeter joints. Providing maintenance to the sealant joints in any structure is critical since these materials over time will not function properly, which will lead to water infiltration and structural issues.

Typically, the old sealant will be cut out and removed from the joint. The surface will be cleaned and prepared and the new sealant will be installed in the joint.

Sealants may also be used to repair cracked concrete surfaces found in parking decks. These cracks are ground out, cleaned, and the sealant installed to prevent the continuous penetration of water into the crack.

Expansion joint systems: Expansion joint systems are installed in parking garages to allow for the natural movement that occurs with the expansion and contraction of concrete structures. Over time, the expansion joint material, like the parking deck, can deteriorate due to its exposure to the elements. When this happens, water infiltration occurs, as well as undue stress, that can compromise the integrity of the expansion joint and the structure.

New expansion joint systems can be installed to replace failed systems. Occasionally, it is necessary to create an expansion joint system where there wasn’t one previously.

Carbon fiber reinforcement: In certain situations, as directed by a structural engineer, the installation of carbon fiber reinforcement can be installed. These materials provide additional strength to the concrete members, which are critical to its structural integrity.

Injection: Cracked concrete walls in parking garages are often the result of water infiltration and walls that are required to handle heavy loads day after day. Injecting cracks with epoxy helps to slow the continued deterioration of cracked walls in parking garages.

Holes are drilled at an angle into the concrete on both sides of the crack. Ports are then placed into the holes. An epoxy gun is used to shoot the material into the ports, filling in the crack from behind and forming an impediment to continued water infiltration.

Penetrating clear water repellants: Penetrating sealers and water repellents are designed to apply to the surface of the concrete and prevent the deep penetration of water that comes into contact with the deck. Penetrating sealers are a good first line of defense against moisture in a parking deck, but require reapplication and are not intended as solutions for garages that already contain cracked or deteriorating concrete.

Exterior Wall Coatings: Exterior wall coatings, like deck coatings, are intended to prevent moisture from penetrating the concrete. The coating acts as a barrier and helps to maintain the structural integrity of the garage. Exterior wall coatings are not intended to fix exterior walls that already show signs of stressed concrete.

Structural Concrete Repairs: Structural concrete repairs include structural steel repair and replacement and concrete patching and replacement. The steel that reinforces the concrete will often become corroded, compromising the integrity of the structure. This can also lead to deterioration of the concrete from the reinforcing steel, resulting in falling concrete debris.

Typically, the area around the exposed steel is chipped out. The steel is then coated with a zinc-rich primer. Finally, gunite, which is a dry-gun concrete, is shot into the existing hole to repair the structure of the garage.

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““MTS Contracting has been a vital component in the successful renovation of 19 historic buildings for our firm. Each of the buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and were renovated per the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. As the architect for these projects, I have great confidence in MTS’s professional expertise in complying with the standards for historic buildings and their dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer service. MTS Contracting has been a pleasure to work with and have provided a great level of confidence to our firm in knowing that difficult renovation and restoration projects will be completed successfully.“”

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